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What You Need to Know to Start Raising Backyard Chickens for Meat

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baby chickOn this site you will find all the information you need to start raising meat chickens in your backyard. Everything from brooder information, to predator safety, to the final days where your birds take up residence in your freezer. This site is meant for the person raising 10-15 chickens at a time in a somewhat limited space. Of course you could scale up if you want and have the space.

What I did as part of constructing this site is kept a daily diary of my chickens from day 1 in the brooder up to the time they were butchered. Thanks to this diary, I address a lot of the details that you might otherwise overlook. Then, I summarize it all here.

Meat Bird ChickenOn this site you will also find building plans for homemade equipment that can save you some money. Also, you will find tips for keeping your chickens healthy. The technique employed here is using free-range pens, also known as chicken tractors, and I have free plans for building your own PVC chicken tractor! These pens are moved about your lawn space allowing the chickens to eat grass and bugs in addition to feed, thus making them a better quality meat chicken.

Shown below is the chicken tractor that I am using. You can build your own too with the plans I have on this site!

pvc chicken tractor

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