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Where to Get My Meat Bird Chicks?

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Where To Get The Chickens?

chicksAs a first-time chicken farmer, you are probably wondering where you will get the chicks? In the first years, we would place an order and then they would give us a call when the order came in. This worked fairly well, provided they kept the chicks in a warm location and we could pick them up in a timely manner and get them under a brooder with food and water. With any kind of delay, however, you could lose some chicks. And in fact, we always lost some chicks in the first few days. And if you place a order this way, there is usually a minimum of 25 or 50, so you may need to split an order with someone.

The last time I obtained chicks from a nearby feed store that always had a supply of chicks under a brooder. This was by far the best way to get them. In fact, not one chick was lost and in fact not one full grown chicken was lost. Granted, I only had 12 chicks, but still 0% loss is pretty great! In this scenario, weak or sickly chicks will probably die in the first day, so you are only buying the healthy ones. You won't be able to get 50 or 100 chicks this way, but you should be able to get 12 or 15.

In summary, try to find a nearby feed store that has chicks on hand. If no such store is near you, then look up your nearest feed stores and contact them - they will gladly order the chicks for you or tell you where you can order them - after all, once you have chicks to feed you are a potential customer. If you do not know where the feed stores are Just do a search online with the text feed store yourcity, yourstate. You can also order chicks online - see McMurray Hatchery.

What Type of Chicken?

For meat birds that mature in about 8 weeks, the Cornish Cross is the standard chicken to raise. The Cornish Cross will grow to about 4 -7 pounds in this time period. See the meat birds at McMurray Hatchery for a bit more info.

Note: I am not affiliated with McMurray hatchery in any way - they are just one example of an online source and they seem fairly reputable.

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