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Chicken Feed Info - What to Feed Your Chickens

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You will be wanting two types of feed: Starter and Grower

Chick Starter (Also known as Broiler Starter) - I would recommend medicated feed if you want to minimize losses. You will use this for about 2 weeks and then start mixing in with the grower feed so as to totally switch to the grower feed at about 4 weeks. You will need about 2-3 pounds of starter per chick. A 50 pound bag will work for up to 25 chicks. The chick starter I use is shown below:

Grower Mix (Also known as Broiler Grower) - Feeding guides at feed sites call for about 15 pounds per bird. For each 10 birds, that results in 150 pounds. When I raised 12 birds, I ended up using 200 pounds of broiler grower feed along with 50 pounds of starter, to raise them to around 8 weeks. Also, I provided some natural green matter and bugs in their free range chicken tractor. I hold off on buying all my feed until I need it - you never know what might happen to your birds, and dead birds don't eat much!

A feed store can give you exactly what you need. I bought my feed in the same place as where I got the chicks.

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