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A Beginning to End Documentation of the life of a Meat Bird Chicken

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Day 1 - Brought the chicks home! It was still a bit cold, so I added some extra protection over the brooder - See the full story & pics here.

Day 2 - Added another tarp on one side. All alive and well! See summary and pic here.

Day 3 - Chicks starting to get some white feathers. It was very cold last night so I added another tarp, but all made it through OK - Read more here.

Day 4 - Another cold night. All chicks OK. My guard dog seems to be assuming his duty. Read more here.

Day 5 - Took the tarps off and added a 2ft wide chicken wire barrier. Read about it here!

Day 6 - Chicks were hungrier than ever and very active. More feathers starting to grow on them. Read more here.

Day 7 - Not too much going on, but you can read about it here.

Day 8 - Big News -The chicks grew some tail feathers overnight! If you have never seen a meat bird with its new tail feathers before, you can see one here.

Day 9 - More water consumed, and more feathers - Read Here!

Day 10 - See my birds-eye photo of my chick-ens dining under the lights here.

Day 11 - Wings flapping a litte. Learn about equivalent chicken years here!

Day 12 - See my second "sidekick" guard dog here!

Day 13 - Several events in "Chicken World" today - read about them here.

Day 14 - Switched over to the larger feeder. First comb noticed! Read about it all here.

Day 15 - Started mixing in grower feed. Also, started withholding food. Read here for details.

Day 16 - I raised up the feeder today to keep the feed cleaner - read how I did this here.

Day 17 - Light burned out. First chicken fight. Read All About it Here.

Day 18 - Garage starting to smell like a barn! Almost enough feathers. Read here!

Day 19 - Today I switched to a 50-50 mix of chick starter and broiler grower feed. Read about it here.

Day 20 - Added more bedding. Had to change out the 1-gallon waterer twice today. Details here.

Day 21 - One chicken seemed to not be coming to food in the morning. Read about it here.

Day 22 - All chickens were OK this morning. Today was the big moving day - Read Here!

Day 23 - In the first morning after the move, none of them wanted to come out of the secure house. That all changed, however. Read about it here.

Day 24 - Moved the chicken tractor for the first time. Noticed some actual "free ranging"! Read.

Day 25 - Chickens are starting to make full use of the tractor. And the chicken plunger worked flawlessly, as reported here.

Day 26 - When meat birds fly, and prevention of chicken patties. Read Here!

Day 27 - How not to take the wheels off or move the tractor in this post.

Day 28 - A discussion of how to safely move the chicken tractor - Read Here.

Day 29 - I give an update on the total feed consumption after 4 weeks in this post. Also a stunning 4-week photo!

Day 30 - The chickens spread out nicely inside the chicken tractor enclosed portion today - read here.

Day 31 - A photo of two chickens sparring and an update on feed usage and my attempt to mix in some bread in this post.

Day 32 - A new bag of feed today, a cat update, and a day 32 pic of my handsome meatbirds - read here.

Day 33 - Feed usage update and a new behavior - Read Here.

Day 34 - Day 34 close-ups - need I say more! Here!

Day 35 - The 5 week mark! New noises from my birds today. Read here.

Day 36 - More water with a bigger waterer and more feed. Details here.

Day 37 - Read about my chicken roundup.

Day 38 - Was a hot humid day today. Chickens retreated to pen and made good use of inside water. Read here.

Day 39 - More proof that my meat chickens are not franken-chickens.

Day 40 - Not too much new today, so I posted some photos. Click here.

Day 41 - What you should try to avoid when moving your tractor. A snapshot of me hand-feeding a chicken! Click Here.

Day 42 - Six weeks old! They really hit the feed hard. Some chicken "droppings". Read.

Day 43 - A heaping plate of clover was served to my Cornish Cross chickens - Read Here.

Day 44 - An update on feed usage with projected total feed per bird - Click Here.

Day 45 - One of the hotter days. How my chickens fared. Read here.

Day 46 - Just another day here. Some Day 46 pics. Read here.

Day 47 - One chicken was bullying another in the morning - read what I plan to do.

Day 48 - An update on chicken bullying and a nifty way to increase green matter intake - Read Here.

Day 49 - No big event other than an unusual effort to get them all in the secure house tonight! Read Here.

Day 50 - The waterer gave out! Read here to see how I dealt with this.

Day 51 - Another hot, but uneventful day. Had to herd them all in again tonight. Read Here.

Day 52 - A different water mishap. Some grasshopper treats for the birds. Read About It.

Day 53 - Butchering day for the first 4 of 12 - Details Here.

Day 54 - A report on the total processes weight of yesterdays chickens along with a report on the first bird to be prepared for the table here.

Day 55 - Lots of clover consumed. Running low on feed. Read Here.

Day 56 - Neighbor dog visits, and 4 more chickens go to market. Read here.

Day 57 - Rooster crows his head off today. Read.

Day 58 - One chicken became a "birthday chicken". Down to 3 now.

Day 59 - Just a hot day with a couple-three chickens left. Read here.

Day 60 - Too hot and humid to butcher. One more day! Read why I feed on the day I butcher.

Day 61 - The End. Read the final figures. Also read about the very last chicken that got revenge.

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