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Free Weedless PVC Garden Fence Plans

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Intro: To keep rabbits, chickens, cats, and other small animals out of your garden, one will often put up a 3 ft fence. The problem is that once a fence is in place, it becomes difficult to keep weeds from growing along the fenceline. Herbicide is an option, but any overspray will also kill or contaminate your garden veggies! After having my garden overrun with 4 ft high weeds and even trees growing on my fenceline, I decided enough was enough. So I came up with this idea for a removable fence that allowed me to mow within an inch of the ground, thus preventing weeds from going to seed. Also, my closely mowed fenceline discourages the very nasty tall weeds from growing at all. My fence is simple: 8 ft sections on PVC posts that slide into larger PVC sections buried in the ground. The plans are shown below.

weedless fence

Step 1 - Cut PVC Pieces & Drill Holes. Cut Fencing.
Measure your fence area and calculate how many 8 ft sections you will need. You may want to include a short 3 ft wide section, as I did, for easy access into your garden with wheelbarrows or other garden equipment.

weedless fence 1

Step 2 - Assemble Fence Sections
I used cable ties to secure fence to PVC posts, as shown below and in the pic above. Pretty simple since the holes are there!weedless fence 2

Step 3 - Install Fence Holders in Ground and Install Sections
At each fence post location, you will need 2 fence holders next to each other. Bury them so that they are flush with the surface. Do one section at a time to insure you have the holders correctly positioned. Connect sections with cable ties, as shown in the lower photo.

Weedless Fence 3

Drill a hole in one section near the top, as shown. Then place a cable tie around the pair of posts to hold them together. The tie should be positioned so that it may be easily taken on or off.

That's it! Pull up your sections to mow. Then replace them and secure sections with the top ties.

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